About Us

Meet The Co-Founders


Georgie White


With many years’ experience in an assortment of industries as a bookkeeper, office manager, administrator, executive assistant and project manager, I have a sound working knowledge of a variety of software packages and processes. I have a qualification in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, so I have a real passion for problem solving and, in particular, numbers - someone has to love them, right? My logical brain has proven invaluable for my work as an administrator; I'm meticulous and methodical, and I don't stop until I've found a solution.

I have a real enthusiasm for learning new things. Most recently I've gained a Diploma and have been practising in Super Yacht Management, focusing on a range of areas such as crew administration, finance, insurance, itinerary planning and health and safety documentation. It's complex, challenging and engages all of my skills which I love. If you need somebody to manage your numbers, give me a call.


Amy Wood


I relish a challenge and putting myself out into the forefront. With a background experience of many years as a personal assistant, executive assistant, virtual administrator, project manager and even in retail and customer services, I have a strong foundation and work ethic. My expertise come from my eclectic mix of prior work experience and the people I have met, along with the ability to think on my feet, learn new skills, keep a cool head and to work flexibly.

I'm a qualified silversmith and jeweller which accounts for my passion for detail and creativity in both content writing and design. I'm also learning html coding which I'm thoroughly enjoying. Our website and branding were my first major project. I'm driven by my enthusiasm to learn new things and I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to technology and streamlining processes! If you have a project in mind, let's talk it through.

Our Story

Whilst chatting one chilly winter evening over a G&T, Georgie White and Amy Wood realised they had very similar ideas and aspirations! Although they come from different working backgrounds, Georgie and Amy both have many years experience in business development and administration and found their individual skills compliment each other perfectly. White Woods was founded to combine their skills and expertise into one exceptional and easily accessible package for you and your business. If you know you need some support but you're not entirely sure what that might be yet, pick up the phone and have a chat with Georgie or Amy. Their expert help and advice will be able to point you in the right direction.


01326 459 059

The Support Team

Meet Henry and Gerri! 

They certainly keep us on our toes, and you can follow their adventures on our social media pages by clicking the links below.



Marketing Moggy

He might look soft and cuddly but he is made of strong stuff. His greatest skill is winning people round to his way of thinking.

He keeps us time focused, reminding us when we need to get started in the morning and also when we need to take a break to recharge our batteries to ensure we remain alert and always give the best service to our clients.

He also reminds us that no job is too small (or too big) and that we are capable of doing pretty much anything. He's learnt a trick or two, so if we can teach a cat to roll over then we guess that must be right.



Social Springer

She’s cute but don’t be fooled by that look. She is fearlessly determined and reminds us that we all should work and play with people we like and who treat us well.

When we get our teeth into something we won’t let go but we don’t bite and like to be pampered every now and again. Like Gerri, we appreciate kindness and loyalty and believe it works both ways.

We work extremely hard but like our leisure time too. That way we are always alert and ready to do the best for your business.